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Metal S Hook, Rubber Cord Steel Hook

metal s hooks, s shaped metal hooks, rubber cord steel hook
Product Description

Suitable for easy fastening of tarpaulins and (trailer) nets and securing loads on any carriers, automobiles, bicycles, motorbike, car, RV, trolley, truck tarps, trucks carrying, pick-up, boat covers, tire chains, home hardware, bundling, camping, farming, gardening, etc.

s hooks hook
Product Feature

The function of S Hook

Metal S hook, S shaped steel hook, which also called rubber cord steel hook, can be used with rubber tarp straps. S hook is easy to fix in the certain place and easy to remove.

S hooks are suitable for outdoor activity, farming, camping, hiking, gardening, etc. There are also convenient for indoor application, such as hanging clothes, plant, kitchen stuff, etc.

rubber cord steel hook